Shnoo Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Shnoos were actually created for use in The Minerva Project. They are kind of like to TMP what Moogles are to Final Fantasy - cute little rotund animals that look harmless, but actually turn out to be good fighters or magic-users when necessary. Shnoos were based on a parakeet named FatShnoo that was owned by TMP creator Sethra Kinov.

Character Design Notes: I used to doodle Shnoos in my notebooks in college. The designs for them are very simple as they were based on the photographs of Sethra's parakeet. I also owned a couple of albino parakeets at the time and used them for reference sometimes, too.

Shnoo in the RAU Gallery: FatShnoo made a cameo appearance in The Great Forum War Part 4: The War Against ErniePants. Future appearances are not planned at this point.

Shnoo sprite.


Let the Shnoo parade begin!


More Shnoos

This one kills me. It's a group of Shnoos, obviously, and each one has a weapon of some kind. There's one with a sword, one with a bola, a mace, a razordisc, and then there's one with...A PROPELLER BEANIE HAT!! You aren't going to tell me that one didn't get short-changed.

Sprites of Cory McRaven and a puffy Shnoo spinning two bolas.

Stuffed Shnoo

A Shnoo with a sword.

Two Shnoos

Desire von Blueblood and a Shnoo

Shnoo block

Shnoo notebook doodle.

How exactly does she swing that sword? O_o


More Shnoos

Ninja Shnoos

Shnoo and Shaddah Paladin sprites

There is a Shnoo in the upper-right corner of this group sprite picture. It is the only Minerva Project-exclusive character to appear here.


More Shnoo pictures. (And that one still has that beany hat.) The second one is interesting, it's an RAU Gallery Box. Shnoos in the RAU? That would've been weird...

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to get in that Shnoo's way.

LOL! I can draw shadows.

Calico King notebook sketch with Shnoos.



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