Shadow Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Shadow is a female bird dressed like a ninja. She carries a sword and ninja throwing stars. Although I have numerous pictures of Shadow, I am uncertain what role I had originally planned for her, except that it looks as though she could have easily been one of the avian minions of Aira, the Great Sky Spirit, esepcially since her sword appears to have a lightning bolt going through it. "Shadow" is not the most original name for a ninja, but at least the character itself is somewhat unusual. I can't think of anything else to call her and since I'm not really using her, I've just left it at that.

Character Design Notes: All of my drawings of this character look very similar. I'm not real sure what inspired it, because they were all drawn far too long ago.

Shadow in the RAU Gallery: Shadow has not made an appearance in the current RAU Gallery series. Because she has no role in the storyline of the old series, a future appearance is not likely.


Shadow the ninja bird.

Another Shadow

This is a bizarre picture of Shadow.

Shadow and Snakeroot sprites.

Shadow notebook doodle.

Large group sprite picture. Shadow is on the right edge just above the bottom row.

Kneeling Shadow

Shadow's original RAU gallery picture.

Another Shadow headshot

Shadow poses an interesting question: Can ninja birds fly, or do they still have to float around on a towel like all other ninjas?



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