Shaddah Paladin Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Shaddah was the rather arrogant king of the Desert Elves, father of Christopher Paladin. Nucleo, Image Arcane, and Stefan all worked in his court, but he betrayed them out of his distrust and dislike of them, and conspired with the Elemental Lord of Fire, Karma to have them all killed. His plan, however, backfired when Karma reneged on the deal and wiped out almost all of Aridia. Christopher never got along with his father, so he ran away. Nucleo had a lot of moral difficulty working under this guy because he didn't agree with a lot of his methods and opinions, and especially his chauvinism.

Shaddah's father was a great king who had turned the Aridian Kingdom into a paradise for all species - this explains why there were many different races besides desert-elves present, and why Nucleo, Image, and Stefan, who would have been considered "undesirable" in many other places, were able to get jobs there. But Shaddah was paranoid and oldschool - he believed in purging the city of all creatures that were not desert-elves and thus was easily manipulated. Karma had specifically asked Image Arcane to be sent to the Fire Tower as a sacrifice, and he would help Shaddah in return by granting his wish. Karma purged them, allright...along with everyone else, too. Shaddah tricked Nucleo and Image into going by telling them it was archaeological expedition that he would fund. They hadn't been on an expedition in years because they were too busy teaching schoolchildren, so they were more than happy to take the job, unaware of the danger it posed.

Shaddah's weapons were a silver sword and shield. The Silver Sword had two extra blades attached to the hilt that were situated just to the left and right of the main blade and were only about half as long. He was about 36 years old when he died.

Character Design Notes: Shaddah Paladin is the father of Christopher Paladin and he was the Desert-Elf King. He is taller and thinner than Christopher and has darker hair. He is wearing Aridian clothing with a red vest and hue. Since Shaddah was killed by Karma's attack on the Aridian Kingdom he only appeared in flashbacks. Although he was a well-loved king, he had a secret dark side - he never liked his father's idea of making Aridia a paradise for all the different species of Phainein and desired to deport everyone except the desert-elves.

Shaddah in the RAU Gallery: I don't like this character, so there's no way I'd ever use him in the recent sketches.

Shaddah Paladin sprite.

More sprites

Another one

Shnoo and Shaddah Paladin sprites


Two similar pictures of Shaddah Paladin.

Large group sprite picture. Shaddah Paladin is almost directly in the middle.



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