Seth Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Seth is a specter that is trapped in the dream world. He can sometimes communicate with living people through their dreams, especially if they have strong psychic powers. Although his "normal" appearance is that of a man split down the middle like a yin-yang, he can assume many different forms, including a shadowy nondescript figure, a ghostly reaper, and even a dragon. It is believed that Seth may have been a human who was killed when fighting against the Elemental Lord of Dreams, Droma. Droma then trapped his spirit in the dream world for defying him. It is not known if Seth's intentions are good or bad, but it is most likely that he is trying to find a way back to the real world. He has an owl that rides on his shoulder named "Spyre".

Seth's weapon depends on his form. He sometimes throws discs that are "painted" like yin-yangs, sometimes he has a scythe, and other times he just shoots out a wavy beam of energy. His age is unknown.

Character Design Notes: Seth was created from notebook doodling. I doodled several different types of creatures that were completely black on one side and completely white on the other, including a man and a dragon. I eventually decided these creatures, plus another one of a shadowy figure, were all the same shapeshifting demon.

Seth in the RAU Gallery: Seth was killed during the course of the original series, so an appearance in the new one is unlikely.

Seth the Dream Demon.

Another picture of Seth. Looks a little goofy here, but it's okay.

Seth in the form of a dragon.

Seth dressed in a "Phantom of the Opera" type costume.

Another one.


Seth sprites

Another one

Awesome picture, but it's gotten really chewed up over the years.

Elemental Chart. Seth is representing Droma's nightmare demons.

Older drawing of Seth. He looks like comedian Richard Lewis.

Large group sprite picture. Seth is in the middle row, a little to the left of center.

Sprite of The Minerva Project version of Seth from a group picture.

The "shadow" form of Seth (middle) makes it into another group picture.

I converted this large drawing of Seth to a print, but I don't know why.

The Minerva Project version of Seth. I actually have a 3D clay model of this version, too.



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