Serpentina Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Serpentina is a Lamia character who serves the Earth God, Beorthe. Like Medusa, she has snakes for hair and she can turn people to stone. Serpentina and Daris Wolf also appeared as independant characters in The Minerva Project.

Character Design Notes: Not much to say. She's a typical snake with the upper body of a woman and snakes for hair, like so many other lamia/gorgon characters in mythology and pop culture. Her design was perhaps meant to show just how bizarre Earth Demon forms and shapes can become through the mutation process caused by Beorthe's immense power.

Serpentina in the RAU Gallery: I have not used Serpentina in the current RAU Gallery because the storyline involving her from the old series was never completed. A future appearance is unlikely. I'm not even sure if this character would still be alive, or would have been defeated in the battle against Beorthe.

Serpentina sprite

First of all, I apologize but I had to sponge out two characters that were not created by me, but rather by someone else who worked for The Minerva Project. Technically, that Aridian-looking priestess isn't mine, either, but I can tolerate her. The others...for personal reasons, I'd just really rather not have them associated with my characters at this point. It was either remove them or not post this picture at all.

Anyway, this is promotional art I did for The Minerva Project, but I made the stupid mistake of drawing the image so large, I couldn't scan the whole thing back then. But my ArcSoft Photostudio 5.5 has a feature that lets me stitch two images together, and thus, I was FINALLY able to scan both halves and combine them into one image. Years later. After The Minerva Project folded. >_> I'm also not too fond of the way Daris Wolf's expression is that of a puppy that's excited to see his master just came home from work, but I'm so picky that way. Anyway, their names are:

Wyvern King, Saber, Jack Sheen, Wildclaw, Serpentina, Lukyan Degorah, Daris Wolf, Raya (?), and Gionne.

Serpentina head

Small sprite sketch of Serpentina.

Large print of Serpentina



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