Roxanne Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Roxanne is one of the most bizarre characters I've ever created. She is an amalgam of various different kinds of animals, like wolf, dragon, and luna moth. She originally was designed for the RAU, but became a character in Image Arcane as a direct servant of Zara, the Great Spirit of Beasts. She is a wicked sorceress who helped Zara's army defeat the Great Water Spirit, Swan.

Roxanne's weapon is the Serpent Staff, a rod of great magical power created by Zara. (Its design is based on a staff I owned that was part of a Halloween costume.) Her age is unknown, but she is supposedly hundreds of years old.

Character Design Notes: The only real difference I've noticed in Roxanne's design over the years is that the length of her snout changes. Sometimes, it's really long and other times more blunt.

Roxanne in the RAU Gallery: Roxanne has not appeared in the current RAU Gallery series. My storylines involving her were never really complete, so a future appearance is unlikely.

Roxanne the Beast Sorceress is one of the most bizarre things I've ever drawn. I have no idea what I was thinking or smoking when I created her. She's an amalgam of various different monsters (wolf, rat, reptilian, moth, etc.)

Some sprites of the creepy creature.

Roxanne head and sprite

Roxanne leads the sprite parade here.

Same picture of Roxanne from above, but since that one had started to get really worn, I traced and redid it, this time with a darker color palette, too.

Roxanne head

Roxanne's original RAU gallery picture.


Roxanne POG and sprite

Roxanne is in the upper-right corner. (Click for larger image.)

Elemental Chart. Roxanne is representing Zara's insectoid race.

Sideview of Roxanne.

Large group sprite picture. Roxanne is just about in the middle.

Wicked drawing of Roxanne that I did from my college cartoon course.

The B&W version got wrinkled.

Scene depicting Roxanne fighting Swan. Zara's forces would eventually defeat Swan.



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