Rodney Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Rodney is a were-dragon - a human who turns into a hairy, four-armed wolfish dragon when the moon is full. It is believed that he was a victim of Moonshy, the Lunar Spirit, who can infect living things with lycanthropy. Rodney could be the poster-child for "unfinished character concepts"; sometimes his human form was a sailor, and other times a knight. Sometimes his dragon form has four arms, sometimes only two. Sometimes he looks like a dragon that walks on four legs, and sometimes he's a more humanoid dragon. His weapon was a three-pronged spear.

Character Design Notes: Rodney was a character intended for Image Arcane, although his only appearance in any of the comics was as the keyboardist in the RAU band. The reason I never completed the IA episodes he was supposed to appear in is because his human form was never worked out. Sometimes, his human form was a knight. Other times, I drew it as a sailor. The "sailor" seems to be the one that stuck as some pictures of his dragon form depict him wearing a sailor's hat or sitting on docks.

Rodney in the RAU Gallery: Rodney has not yet appeared in the current version of the series and since the character was never fully worked-out, a future appearance is not likely at this point.

Four-armed version of Rodney the were-dragon.

Rodney sprite.

Rodney's original RAU gallery picture. He has a different type of hat here.

Rodney with a pitchfork.

Rodney POG

More Rodney sprites.

I had also tossed around the idea of Rodney being able to turn into an even bigger dragon - one big enough to be rode on as he runs or flies around.

For a character I did very little with, I sure drew him a lot.

Rodney and Beorthe, the Great Earth Spirit. Very strange that they look like they're fighting alongside each other since Rodney is actually a Lunar demon, not an earth demon, but it's the R.A.U. version of Rodney, which either explains it or makes it even weirder, I'm not sure which. That were-pig character to the left is defunct (thank goodness) and was never actually used for anything. Wish I could remove it from this picture, but Rod and Beorthe look too nice to leave it out of the scrapbook.

Rodney sitting on the docks


Rodney head and sprite

That picture of Rodney reminds me of that freaky Totoro Catbus.

Garsh! Another one.

Elemental chart. Rodney is representing Moonshy's Lunar Demon race.

A gaggle of Rodney sprites. I must've done these when I was planning to introduce him into the series.

To the left is Rodney. To the right is Tomi. (These are two completely different pieces of conceptual art, so their relative heights are not correct. Tomi is, in actuality, much shorter than Rodney.) Not much else to say about these, except that I think their modern designs are a lot better. Still, I kind of like the goofy look on Rodney's face here.

Large group sprite picture. Rodney is in the bottom row just right of center.



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