Rick Jones Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Rick Jones, or "Maverick" as he's sometimes called, is another member of Desiree's pirates. "Naive" is the best way to describe him. He works for the pirates, but it's almost as though he's unaware of exactly what goes on around him. He's the only one who never backtalks Desiree, Cody, Kado, or Honen, and he's rather polite-spoken for a pirate. He is the oldest member of the group and is usually in a good, genial mood. (In a very vague sense, the character "Albert" in Alundra 2 reminds me of him.) His skills are nowhere near as advanced as Honen's, but he does have some ability to make and repair mechanical things, so even after Honen left the group, Rick was able to keep their robot going. Rick also enjoys flying and wishes to find an airplane that he can use to fly around the world, someday.

Rick's weapon is a small pirate's dagger. On-board Desiree's robot, he is the one usually responsible for firing the cannons. He is about 38 years old.

Character Design Notes: Rick is one of the more generically-named characters of Image Arcane (I just couldn't think of anything else to call him). He is wearing a vest and jeans and has long hair tied back in a ponytail. I don't have a lot of my old drawings of him anymore, but it looks like I didn't change his design too much over the years.

Rick in the RAU Gallery: Rick has not yet made an appearance in the current RAU Gallery series. He is still considered a canon character and is still alive, so a future appearance is possible, but not planned right now.

Rick Jones sprite. He's wearing the Quixotic Tigers' trademark orange scarf.

Rick Jones head. He was sometimes called "Maverick" in the old series.

B&W version.

Rick POG. Unfortunately, his name is missing an "e".

Rick's pirate sword.

Sprite of Rick from a group picture.

Rick Jones sprite (sorry that I didn't ink the face).

Rick Jones profile

Rick Jones again



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