Old RAU Characters Scrapbook

Many of the old RAU characters were cartoon animals that I no longer have that many pictures for. I probably won't ever be using these characters for anything again, which means I most likely will never have any more drawings of them to add to the pages, so I've just lumped them all together on this page.


Bandit is my pet rat from many years ago. His character only appeared in old RAU. Bandit was one of those types of characters that, no matter what happens or who he's dealing with, he's always the same mellow, sarcastic, kind of guy. Also, if Bandit says he can get something done, he'll disappear for awhile, and no matter how long it takes, eventually it WILL get done. Bandit liked to sleep a lot, too, and he was constantly sneezing. (Those attributes were taken from the real-life rat.) I think some of his personality traits were later reworked into Zumo for the IA series.

Bandit yawning.


Bartholomew was "king of the kobolds" (dog-like goblins). I'm not sure at what point I first heard about "kobolds" or where, but Bartholomew and Crelo Kobold are what I imagined they'd look like. Bartholomew had a few scenes in the RAU. He is one of my oldest character designs that I used to draw quite often throughout elementary and high school.

King Bartholomew sketch.

Bartholomew's original RAU gallery box.


Caeser was a 7-headed dragon who had a variety of personalities for each of his heads.

This is a very large sketch of Caeser the 7-headed dragon I did when I was maybe 10 years old. It's funny to look at it now, because his heads are so tiny in comparison to his massively huge body.


Casimer was such a major character in The RAU that it's a wonder he didn't get transferred over to Image Arcane. The reason why is because some of his personality traits were integrated into Jack Sheen.


I had more pictures of this guy saved than I originally thought. I was probably only about 10 when I drew these.

It's Casimer, Harken, and Snakeroot in the RAU Band! Few things express the insanity of my misguided youth more profoundly than having a band in a silent comic strip.


Crusty Crustacean was a hermit crab that was really crusty. Featured in a few sketches and not much else.


Drake was a news reporter and participated in some sketches. He is an indescribable little fuzzy monster. He was in at least one scene that was a rip-off of the infamous Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" routine.

Old panel of Drake from the RAU.

Recent drawing of Drake done for old time's sake.


Emmel is supposed to be some sort of prehistoric bird, like an archaeopteryx.

Full sketch of Emmel.

Emmel flying.


Feline 9's gallery picture. She was a cat character who was a little ditzy.

This one's kinda scary.


A creature that I have absolutely no clue what it's supposed to be or what it's for, but evidence suggests its name is Froline.


Frostbite the icy lizard.

Frostbite's RAU gallery picture. You can see that I started to ink it but stopped, and then I crossed out his name and put an "X" in a circle by the picture. Why? Because I never used him for anything, and I already had a number of lizard-like characters in the cast (like Casimer, Lizaki, Max Komodo, and the old version of Jack Sheen) so I decided to "retire" him from the line-up rather than worry about finishing the picture.


A group of robins that, you know, like to talk a lot. These characters were used once in the RAU, but I can't really remember any of the jokes they made. They were based on a real life group of baby robins I once knew. They never, ever stopped making noises, so that's what gave me the idea for this.


Happy Cappy is a smiling capybara that was featured in a few sketches and not much else.


Hermes was a Hermit Crab who wore a peanut shell instead of a snail shell. He sometimes ended up wearing other things on his back, too, like a telephone and a piggy bank. Hermes bore a strong resemblance to Scooter from The Muppet Show, and I doubt it was coincidence considering how much that show was an influence.

Hermes's RAU gallery box. Even his color palette was similar to Scooter.


These were two black fuzzy monsters that were (supposedly) "imaginary friends" of Feline 9. One had legs and a tail and one didn't and just sort of floated around like a ghost. Feline 9 would swear they were real, but no one else ever saw them, which is how it usually works in those situations. For something that's as simplistically drawn as that creature is, it has a rather elaborate tail...

Here is their RAU gallery box. This is what jogged my memory of them.


King Cobra-Condor was intended to be the leader of a group of vultures, but he's the only one that actually made it into the sketches. That's a snake on his head, not a pile of poop.

Condor sketch.


Kog is a penguin with a bandana that was never actually used.

If I hadn't found that pog, I never would have remembered his name is "Kog".


Kynkoan the kingsnake from the RAU. Kynkoan looks so much like a "snake version" of Pinky from Pinky & the Brain that it scares the crap outta me. But if running the "Switched at Birth?" section of this website has taught me anything, it's that it's almost impossible to create something without it eventually looking like something else somewhere in the world.

Crazy little fella.


Another one.


Linda Swiftly was an RAU aerobics exercise health nut. She was in a few sketches and never used for anything else. She was perky, kind of annoying, and loved aerobic exercising. One of the "jokes" involving her is that she was always doing backflips.


Max Komodo's RAU gallery picture was damaged in the apartment flooding. >_< The influence of The Muppet Show on The RAU is evident in this guy's character design. Max was featured in a bunch of early RAU sketches and he was one of the guitarists in their band, but he was never used in Image Arcane. However, some of his personality traits, not surprisingly, were transferred over to Jack Sheen. Essentially, the Jack Sheen of Image Arcane was an amalgam of Max Komodo, Casimer, and the original RAU version of Jack.

Here's another drawing of Max Komodo that survived the flood untouched. It's an elementary school drawing (maybe 4th or 5th grade), so it's not the best in the world, but at least you can kinda get an idea of what he was supposed to look like.


Moldy Potroast is literally a potroast that was left in the back of the RAU refrigerator for too long and turned into a monster. This was based on the fact that leftovers in my household occasionally made their way to the back of the 'fridge, where they'd be forgotton and you know the rest. There is a red version and a green version. This is the red one.

Although they're in B&W, these are panels of the red version.

Mouth open.

This is the green version.


Puttycat is a cat that has no legs, but its body is made of a substance similar to putty. It moves around by launching itself. When it lands, it splatters, then reforms into its normal cat shape after a few moments. I'm not sure where Puttycat comes from, but one thing is clear: No one on the face of the planet shall deny its greatness. (Sometimes, I amaze myself. I really do.)


Salvus was one of the major news reporters in the RAU before Christopher Paladin came along. Even after Chris earned a spot there, I continued to use Sal until the end of the series. When Sal was in sketches aside from the news, his "schtick" was that he tried to be scary, but no one was actually scared of him. He's a combination of a wolf and a bat. This is his original RAU gallery box.

Large drawing of Sal.

A Salvus Lidsun sketch.

An old Salvus Lidsun sketch that got water-damaged.


Skwirl is a cross between a squirrel and a swirl.

B&W versions.

Another Skwirl

Skwirl's RAU gallery picture.





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