Moonshy Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Moonshy is a weird little dragon who is actually the Lunar Spirit. She resides on Phainein's indigo-tinted moon and has the power to infect people with lycanthropy. Little is known about Moonshy. She does not have enough power to infect very many people at once, so she relies on the condition being spread through other means. Just like in most literary cases, anyone who is bitten by a lycanthrope becomes one themselves. It is believed that Moonshy is capable of changing her form.

Character Design Notes: The idea for her design, like many of my characters, originated with notebook doodling. I would occasionally draw a small dragon with a torn white shawl wrapped around its body. The dragon's tail was usually arched up over its back like a scorpion's tail.

Moonshy in the RAU Gallery: I haven't used this character in the new series yet and have no plans to at this time.

Elemental chart. Moonshy is the Lunar Spirit. She is a sprite-like being (that usually resembles a dragon) who lives on the moon, and it is uncertain what relation (if any) she has to the other elementals. She does not evolve existing creatures like the other spirits do. Instead, she can directly infect people with lycanthropy, which causes them to turn into Lunar Demons, werewolves or weredragons, when the moon is full. Some Lunar Demons are capable of suppressing their transformations and some can even transform at will, without a full moon. (Examples of Lunar Demons: Rodney).

Sprite of Moonshy from a group picture.

Moonshy Sprite



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