Mongoose Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Mongoose is an RAU character who was literally a mongoose wearing a vest, t-shirt, cut-off jeans, a backwards baseball cap, and sunglasses. He was used a few times in the original RAU comics, but nothing else.

Character Design Notes: It has been pointed out to me that Mongoose bears a real striking resemblance to The Simpsons character, Poochy:

It's the most uncanny of all the "Switched at Birth" stuff I've found involving my own characters, but it's just coincidence as I had never seen the Poochy episode (and actually still haven't seen it), and when I was first told he looked like Poochy, I thought they meant the dog from Yoshi's Island. However, I do have to wonder if this type of clothing might have been some kind of "fad" at the time and we both pulled from the same source. But I don't remember what exactly inspired Mongoose. Even so, it makes little difference now since I have no plans to ever use him again.

Mongoose in the RAU Gallery: Mongoose has not made an appearance in the current RAU Gallery series and I have no plans to ever use him.


Mongoose sprites

Mongoose POG

Back view Mongoose

Mongoose head which, unfortunately, got a little dirty.

B&W version.

Group sprite picture. Mongoose is just above the bottom row in the middle. He is the only RAU-exclusive character to show up in this picture.

Mongoose sprite.



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