Miyoko-8 Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Miyoko is one of the most competent and intelligent members of CRASHER. She, like some of the others, does not believe Ghestov's intentions are evil and wants to see him make a better world. She is agile, fast, strong, and good with technology. She can pilot most any kind of ship. Although Miyoko is human, she has the ability to "morph" into a monster form that gives her added strength and speed, useful for fighting and escaping. She sometimes gets annoyed with the bumbling of Eddy and Jade, and usually has to pull their asses out of the fire, although she might care more about Eddy than she's willing to admit. Miyoko is smart, but still delights in annoying her enemies. She especially likes to insult them ("My, you're an ugly creature", she once told Nucleo.)

Miyoko sometimes uses a laser blaster for a weapon, but prefers to rely on her psionic powers and the brute strength granted to her by the genetic engineering that also resulted in her alternate form. She is about 21 years old.

Character Design Notes: Miyoko-8 is one of the top-ranking members of the villainous group known as CRASHER in the old Image Arcane series. She is a tall, slender woman with a shock of purple hair. She has strong psionic abilities and can change into a cat-like monster.

Miyoko in the RAU Gallery: Miyoko has not made an appearance in the current version of the series because her fate was left up in the air at the end of the original series.

Sprite of Miyoko-8 in her alternate form.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Miyoko is in the upper-right corner.

B&W version

Head of Miyoko-8 in her alternate form.

Miyoko-8 of CRASHER.



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