Miscellaneous Monsters Scrapbook

Various random monsters created for many different purposes. Some are from old IA and RAU panels, but many are just unused sketches from old notebooks and sketchpads.


I have lots of little crab sketches, starting with this one.

A bizarre monster from an old sketch pad. If you gene-spliced a dragon, a giant crab, and a duck, you might end up with that thing...


Two drawings of the same Hermit Crab character.

Another one with a lizard-like body and a giant claw.


Unidentified RAU character. He's in an RAU gallery box, but I have no idea what his name is or what sketches he participated in. I don't think he was in the band, either. It's possible he was unused.

Some kind of weird flying shell with an eyeball and one wing.

Walrus-like monster. Wish I'd done a better job coloring it.

These are some random sketches from a high school art book. None of these things ever became actual characters in anything. I wasn't going to include that eagle, but after I scanned the bat and the lizard, I didn't feel like cropping him out. (That lizard reminds me of Lizzie from the arcade game, Rampage.)

Spiky slime monster

This was drawn on the back of a high school notebook. I have no idea what that thing on the bottom is, but it reminds me a lot of the Naga Sotuva boss from Ninja Gaiden 2, though I doubt that's what it's supposed to be.

Couple of panels of some crazy monster from the preliminary episodes of Image Arcane. (Considering that this is some of the more "acceptable" artwork from the prelims, that should indicate why I don't have/can't post more from them.) Anyway, I think he's casting some sort of weird force field or spell in the first picture, and then someone (Tomi, I think) shoots him from behind.

Wow, this one's just insane! A turtle-like monster with a spiky shell, four arms, really long claws, and a scorpion tail (though it looks like a different type of tail had been drawn in at one point and unsuccessfully erased.) I can't tell if that thing on the rear left side is a leg or not, but he's definitely got some tentacles. But perhaps the weirdest thing of all is that its nose is a toothy beak! Definitely a monster design I'd like to clean up, modernize, and use for something eventually...

A strange two-legged creature with a long nose that looks like the prototype of the fire-breathing basilisk that appeared in Image Arcane.

Impish little devil. Seems like he wants to shake hands with someone. Hey, why not?

I...don't have any idea what this is and I'm not even going to take a guess.

I don't have a clue on this one either...

Not sure what this is, either, other than some kind of sphinx/harpy-like creature.

Crazy zombie-like monster from an old Image Arcane storyboard.

It's your typical garden-variety floor-crawling trenchcoat zombie.

Just keeps getting crazier and crazier...Sorry that the paper on this one got a little wrinkled over the years.

All I know about this character is that it was also in the middle of that weird picture with the early version of Zumo in the upper right corner.

Sketch of a weird shark/lizard/skunk/cat/dragon creature.

One of King Bartholomew's dog-like minions.


These strange monsters actually were used in Image Arcane as guardians of certain areas, like the great towers. They're a semi-intelligent race that's probably easily dominated and put into service by stronger, more intelligent demons.

Head and sprite


Another random monster sketch. This one is a rodent of some kind.

A rat-like creature with a lot of fangs.


Although it has an RAU box, this sea serpent is unnamed and never actually used.

I drew this little fella quite often throughout highschool.

Like the Sea Serpent, this "dragon" appears in an incompleted gallery box, and is something I drew often but never named or used. Something got spilled onto the drawing, but it wasn't from the apartment flood. It was like this even before that happened. It's most likely some kind of soft drink because I often stayed up late at night drawing while eating pizza and drinking caffeinated sodas to stay awake.

Full sketch of the unnamed dragon.


Spiky worm

I don't know why I was so obsessed with drawing giant slugs and worms when I was younger.

Here's another one.

Giant slug!

This notebook doodle looks like it could be a type of Pokemon.

Some kind of rock snake/centipede monster.





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