Miscellaneous Scrapbook

This is where I will post miscellaneous drawings that I've done for either The RAU, Image Arcane, The Minerva Project, art classes, or for other random reasons.


Bullfrog character. I don't know why I drew this.

Snake. Some of this stuff is so old and was drawn so lightly that it's become quite faded over the years.



Row of singing birds sitting really close together. (That third one from the left has got issues...)

That's what it looks like. A pigeon swinging on a vine.

This is obviously a bluejay, but I don't remember if he was an RAU character or just a design for Chance's airship (which is called the Bluejay). He is in an RAU box, but I don't remember anything about him, so I'll say he was unused.

This isn't an RAU or IA character. It's a sketch of a baby starling done for an art class. It's actually pretty accurate, too. I have other stuff saved from art classes, but I figured you probably wouldn't be as interested in seeing pine cones, cookie cutters, and bowls of fruit.

This is a panel from a preliminary episode. It's a giant hawk-like bird of some kind. Think I vaguely remember this episode. The bird was sent by someone to kidnap Jack Sheen.



A parakeet archer who is in an RAU gallery box, but was never used or named.

Another picture of it.

Dancing Jester Bird scares me, okay?

Cockatiel-like bird carrying either a mop or giant paintbrush.

Couple of cartoon vultures.


The logo design for the side of Chance's airship. I wish I hadn't let this fall into such a decrepit state, but it's extremely old. It's the original first design I did back possibly as far as the 6th grade.


This was on the back of a highschool notebook. It's a fuzzy cat. From a side-view, you can see it has a wind-up key in its back. I wish I had a toy like that, but I've only seen them shaped like mice, not kitties.


I think this dog might've been based on my Siberian husky, Duke.


Cartoon mouse


Your guess is as good as mine.

I can't believe I actually saved this. I once kept a garden snail in a jar for about a month for a school project and that's what it looked like when it would climb up the side of it.

This isn't from Image Arcane or the RAU, but some of you will no doubt recognize it as the artwork I did for the Game Pond's original banner. I was inspired somewhat by the works of Henri Rousseau when I did this.

If that ain't a talking pile of poop, quite frankly, I don't know what is.


This weird mage-like dude doesn't have a name, and this is the only time I ever drew him.

Sprite of an unnamed forest elf.

Random artwork of a female character that is unnamed and was never used for anything.

Head and sprite of another unidentified and unused character design. Kind of silly...probably why I never used him for anything...but...


...for some reason I drew another head and sprite set of this same character. He must've been planned for Image Arcane at some point, and I have to wonder if the character who eventually became Chester Hallet took his intended place. Geez, I just wish I could remember. These, obviously, were badly water-damaged in the apartment flood, the left one moreso than the sprite. Looking at him now, I can just imagine that maybe the reason I rejected and forgot the design was that he's dressed similary to Sesa Markino, and that Jack Sheen was already a character who used arrowhead spears for weapons.


Unidentified woman in a green dress. She appears to be some kind of sorceress. At first glance, she almost looked like an older version of Cory, but the ears and eyes are wrong for that to be the case.

A little backstory: You've probably seen mention on these scrapbook pages of an "Advanced Cartoon Class" I had many years ago in college. This was the second of two community service (aka, non-credit) classes I had taken just because I liked drawing and they were available, and thought they might help me with my skills. Well, uh, I can't honestly say they did. At least the first class was fun, even if the teacher complained constantly that I drew too much hair on my characters. But the second (advanced) class was taught by some guy who was really rigid about sticking to that "7-heads-high" rule, which if you don't know, is that general rule that people are about seven heads tall. Fine and dandy...if you specifically want to draw in either superhero or realistic cartoon/comic book style. But many cartoons do not adhere to that rule (in fact, I'd be willing to bet that just as many, if not more, don't), and this guy was insistent that you had to learn that rule and be proficient at drawing with it before you could break the rules, and I've seen drawing books that say the same thing. Gee, really? So am I the only one who thinks it's a lot easier to draw Fred Flintstone and get all his proportions right as opposed to Spider-Man? As a result, I couldn't use many of my characters as "muses" for the class (like Nucleo or Honen who have intentionally-odd proportions), so I ended up using characters that could fit with that rule, like Lukyan and Robin, and some throwaway characters that I never used for anything else. Many of the results of that class were rather horrifying. Actually, this one's not too bad, although the arms a little screwy. This is a generic sorceress/gypsy-type character that is unnamed and never used for anything outside the class.

Edit: Well, since I had written this on the site, I've had people disagree with me about this a lot and stress how important it is to learn to draw the human figure correctly before you can break the rules. However, they also pointed out that people are more like 7-1/2 heads high in real life, and that you should be taught to draw 8 heads high because it looks better on paper. So, my teacher was still wrong and he still really didn't know how to teach it, but that's community college non-credit courses for you. I'm beginning to think that maybe a better system than the whole "heads high" thing needs to be worked out because it's just fucking confusing.

The same sorceress/gypsy as seen above. I think the head on this one (and the misty stuff surrounding her) looks better than anything else about it. Nice effect with the eyes there.

This one got water-damaged. It's a generic superhero-type woman. I guess she's wearing a mask because she has a scarred face or some crap like that. It actually wouldn't be too bad if not for the fact that her upper armor isn't exactly form-fitting - it's clearly armor designed for a man that she's wearing. But, ah well...maybe we didn't get to the chapter on the female figure yet.

This one is so badly water-damaged that I couldn't get it to look good when I scanned it. So, I started playing around with the image program's various features and when I used "negative", I got this psychadelic result. Pretty cool, I think. Anyway, this is a generic fairy-like character , for which I did a much better job on the top half than the legs and feet. I think I might have been getting a little jaded with the class by the time I drew this one.

I'm not sure who this is supposed to be, but it was drawn around The Minerva Project era. Vampire woman of some kind, I guess. (Slightly water-damaged at the top.)


Strange crystal plant.


A strange-looking slingshot (don't know who it belongs to).





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