Minerva Project Characters Scrapbook

These are all characters that I created specifically for The Minerva Project website circa 1995-1997. These characters are no longer in use and I don't have that many drawings of them and probably won't create any new ones, so I just lumped them all together on one page. Some of these characters (where noted) were not actually created by me, although I drew them anyway.


Copernicus is a little imp-like creature in a black-and-red cape carrying a pitchfork. He was created to be a sidekick for Loro and often hangs around on his shoulders.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Copernicus can be seen sitting on Loro's shoulder in the middle. Also present here is Kippo in the bottom-left corner whom you can also find on this page.

B&W version


Jaguaro was a mysterious panther-like sorcerer.

B&W version

Here's a sketch I did when I was designing him. This one shows how a new design can take shape.


Feline character from The Minerva Project called Jaxon Cat O'Ninetails. Although I drew this image, she was actually created by Kiera Lordens. I never used her for anything, myself.

Jaxon Cat with a closeup of her weapon. She has a definite "dominatrix" vibe about her - not something I think I would've come up with myself.


Kippo was based on the Japanese mythological river devil known as the "Kappa". He was created to be another villain aligned with the CRASHER group. I haven't used him since TMP folded.


I don't really remember if Leon was created for The Minerva Project or for The RAU, but since he's a cat and seems to have been drawn around TMP era, I'll just say that's what he was for and be done with it, although I never actually used him.

Leon's sword has a kitty-shaped hilt & pommel.


Raya is an Aridian priestess who was created by Sethra Kinov for The Minerva Project. She is in the bottom row of this poster in the white and purple robes. (See the pages for either Daris Wolf, Gionne, or Serpentina for a full explanation of this drawing.)


I created Saber the tigerman for TMP, but never used him because I didn't get far enough into the story.

Saber sprite

B&W versions. (Sorry, I didn't ink his face on the sprite.)

Wyvern King, Saber, and Jack Sheen in official TMP art.


Scry was a character I created for The Minerva Project and was supposed to be a long-time friend of Christopher Paladin. He was one of the few survivors of the Aridian Apocalypse caused by the Elemental Lord of Fire, Karma. He had been living there to study at the Aridian University, but after the tragedy, decided to return home to Arkantos where he'd join Zara's military. However, he began to realize how corrupt Zara and his forces were and broke off to form a small group of rebels fighting against them. Scry has some charismatic leadership skills and his righthand helper is a chaotic cat named Wildclaw who sports a bandana and totes an AK-47. When he is reunited with Christopher, he recognizes him as the "true prince of Aridia" and wishes for him to help out with his cause against Zara.

B&W version.

Elemental Chart. Scry is representing Zara's catpeople race.



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