Leohtiss Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Leohtiss is the Great Elemental Spirit of Light. She is at a disadvantage over most of the other Great Spirits because she does not have control over a tower. This is why her desert-elves aren't much more evolved than normal humans and have weaker magic powers than Darkona's mountaindevils and Karma's demon-elves. However, desert-elves can still be turned into dragons if they are bombarded with enough light magic. When Karma succeeded in wiping out most of her desert-elves, she put her last hope of defeating the other elementals in Christopher Paladin and the Light Scimitar.

Character Design Notes: It is hard to tell what Leohtiss's true form is because of how bright the lights surrounding her are. It is most likely that she is a dragon. Though she has been known to be somewhat-manipulative, she is not evil like some of the other elemental gods.

Leohtiss in the RAU Gallery: Leohtiss left the world of Phainein at the end of the original series, though some characters still "pray" to her.

The Great Spirit of Light, Leohtiss.

Leohtiss POG

Elemental Chart. Leohtiss is the Light Spirit. She created the Desert-Elves. Desert-Elves are named as such because they are indigenous to the desert on the continent of Aridia. Because Leohtiss does not have control over a tower, her Desert-Elves are not much more evolved than normal humans. The main differences are their strong magic powers and resistance to heat (although they are slightly intolerant of really cold weather.) Some, like Christopher, are even somewhat unusually strong for their size and build. They are recognizable from normal humans by their long, pointed ears and (occasionally) claws on their hands. (Examples of Desert-Elves: Christopher Paladin, Preston Abirok, Shaddah Paladin.)


Two sketches of the Light Spirit, Leohtiss. Leohtiss might not be evil like some of the other Great Spirits, but she is still a master of manipulation.



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