Kin-Liu Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Kin-Liu is the other cat-like being, along with Harken that patrols the halls of Ghestov's space fortress, CRASHER, and keeps it running. Kin-Liu can fight with karate and a samurai katana. She is very mysterious and although she might just be a creation of those who built CRASHER, she seems to have a mind of her own. She and Harken are almost always seen together and they work in tandem. Some often wonder if the two cannot exist without each other.

At the end of the series, after the defeat of Droma and Zimosa, it was revealed that Harken and Kin-Liu were the Elemental Spirits of Time and Space. They were the ones responsible for manipulating the world of Phainein into an advanced evolutionary state by providing the inhabitants of the planet with the knowledge necessary to build the power towers - which would become the nesting homes for the other elemental spirits. Harken and Kin-Liu were defeated by Chance and his friends. Upon admitting their defeat, they returned to their home dimension.

Character Design Notes: I created Kin-Liu for The Minerva Project to be a partner for Harken. She is one of the few characters created for that website who got filtered backwards into the Image Arcane canon, where she became the Great Spirit of Time. I always felt the Harken character was lacking something, and by adding in Kin-Liu to be his partner, the concept suddenly seemed to work a lot better. Kin-Liu is drawn to resemble a "lucky neko", complete with a Yen on her forehead. She is also wearing a skyblue karate gi that's a little too big on her which, believe it or not, was based on one of Honen Calzoun's old gi designs (it looks much better on her than it did on him).

A friend of mine, Kiera Lordens, loved the Kin-Liu design so much that I allowed her to use it as an avatar and it became quite recognizable around her Game Pond message board.

Kin-Liu in the RAU Gallery: Kin-Liu has not yet appeared in the RAU Gallery. Since she returned to her home dimension at the end of the original series, a future appearance is unlikely.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Kin-Liu is in the bottom-right area.

B&W version

Harken and Kin-Liu. (Click for larger image.)

B&W version.

Avatar of Kin-Liu I made for a friend on ezboard.

B&W version

Unfinished sketch of a more "realistic" version of Kin-Liu. She was supposed to have a samurai sword in each hand, but I never finished the picture (I have a bad habit of doing that.) Anyway, this got a little too "creepy" for my liking. My most recent drawings of Kin-Liu are a compromise between this version and the older, less-detailed version.

Ink sketches of Harken and Kin-Liu.

More pictures of Kin-Liu

Another one

"And away we go"?



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