Karma Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Karma is the Elemental Lord of Fire who appears in the form of a giant fiery red serpent. He is the chief rival of the spirits Leohtiss and Swan. Karma controls the Tower of Aridia. He is the one responsible for the transforming Image Arcane into the fearsome red Dragon, Sol, and the resulting apocalypse that wiped out most of the Desert Elves. His direct servants are Sol and the Firebirds. Karma created the Demon-Elves by evolving humans with his great magical energy, granted to him by his domination of one of Phainein's strongest towers. Power-hungry and extremely dangerous, Karma reneged on a deal with the Desert Elf King, Shaddah Paladin, and betrayed him. Nucleo McRaven was haunted by the memory of losing his wife to Karma at the tower, and hoped someday to find a means of defeating the Fire Lord to avenge Image's death. Eventually, with help from Chance and his friends, Nucleo succeeded and Image was restored to her original form.

Character Design Notes: I have several different designs for Karma. Most of them depict a salamander-style dragon with flames for "hair". Some versions have fin-like ears, but some don't. Some versions have wings, but usually he doesn't. There is also at least one version that has spikes on his head instead of the flames. I sketched him quite often in my notebooks and sketchpads, so that's why he was constantly changing in design.

Karma in the RAU Gallery: Karma was defeated by Swan in the original series in a duel to the death. An appearance in the new series is unlikely.

Karma's usual form is that of a flaming-haired salamander.

That picture of Starla is terrible, but Karma looks pretty cool, actually.

Karma POG.

It may be old, but this is a great picture of the Fire Demon Karma.

I'm not too fond of this drawing of Starla, but I do like the image of Karma behind her. (Actually, this is quite similar to the above sketch and I said almost the same exact thing about it.)

This is an older version of Karma. This version had wings, spikes on his head instead of fire, horns instead of earfins, and different eyes. I definitely like the redesigned version (above) much more.

Large notebook doodle of Karma. While I have lots of notebook doodles, this one's a bit of a rarity because I almost never doodled anything this large.

Cute version of Karma notebook doodle.

Elemental Chart. Karma is the Spirit of Fire. He has possession of the Aridian Tower, which is in the middle of a lake of lava, surrounded by mountains. He created the Demon-Elves. Demon-Elves are, in general, the most powerful magic-users in all of Phainein. They resemble humans, but have albino skin, brightly-colored hair, sharp teeth, and long, pointed ears. They also live much longer than most other species. (Examples of Demon-Elves: Aurora Taglisa, Eddy Blythe, Felona Corona, Image Arcane, Jade Blythe, Zephyr Arcane.)

Notebook sketch of Karma



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