Miscellaneous Image Arcane Characters Scrapbook

These are all characters that were created for the original Image Arcane series or the preliminary episodes, but they are either unused concepts, retconned characters, or I don't have enough drawings of them to justify creating a separate page.


Anhinga head and sprite. Anhinga was supposed to be the servant of the Great Water Spirit, Swan. I can't remember if she was ever actually used, but she would've only been in flashbacks since Swan's entire army was defeated by Zara's forces. Anhingas are also known as "Snakebirds", which fits inline with Swan's half-bird/half-reptile motif.

Anhinga POG

Anhinga from a group sprite picture.

Full sketch


These characters are unused. Azura was supposed to be a woman made of lightning and Nova was a woman made of fire. I kind of vaguely remember thinking up some ideas for them, but I never went anywhere with them.


Cygnus head and sprite. Cygnus is a retconned character. I started writing a script dealing with her, but felt the storyline didn't really work, so I axed it. She was supposed to be the Dragon Queen.

B&W version.

Cygnus POG


Dion Falkor is a retconned character. He was the only prominent member of the "birdman" race from the old Image Arcane series. In this group sprite picture, he can be seen in the lower-left corner just above Snakeroot.

In the old series, Aira's minions were the birdmen instead of the Avians (Avians, in the old series, were another of Zara's minions). Dion Falkor was the most prominent birdman character. He had been around since the preliminaries and was featured in the RAU (he starred in what I personally believe to be one of my most hilarious sketches involving his boss who kept getting his name wrong and calling him "Prune". This was rewritten into the "Annelidical Psychiatry" sketch for the current RAU Gallery series.) The problem with Dion is that he should never have gotten carried over from the prelims and the RAU into the main series. He popped up now and then, and in retrospect, I began to realize his scenes were annoying and pointless, and it seemed like he was hogging tasks that would've been best given to other, more prominent cast members. Also, he was creating too many "deus ex machina" moments - The gang's in deep trouble! How will they escape? I know, have Dion Falkor suddenly show up! *shudders* I have decided to retcon the entire birdman race from Image Arcane, and with them goes Dion Falkor. And really, with Jack Sheen and Nucleo McRaven already running around, I really don't need another winged humanoid character.


These are birds that are made of flames and were created by the Great Fire Spirit, Karma. These creatures guard his tower and he sometimes sends them on raids to destroy villages and other targets.

Firebird POG

Another Firebird sketch, this one is actually shooting flames from its mouth.

I'm not 100% sure what this creature is, but the more I look at it, the more I think it could be a head-on view of a Firebird sitting on the ground.



The father of Chance Tomasaro, Hirochi was once the most famous and well-respected swordsman/hero in the entire world...at least by humans. He was feared and hated by monsters and non-human species everywhere. He had once defeated the great red dragon, Sol, and recovered the Sword of Skiva from it.

Hirochi was a knight who lived by the laws of the "old age", whereby anything that wasn't human was considered a "monster", and they were not allowed near human towns and settlements, under penatly of death, no exceptions. Although his son, Chance is very conservative and is a real "honor-thy-father" type, he was never completely comfortable with this aspect of his father's rules. This probably explains why he doesn't just kill characters like Jack, Nucleo, and Snakeroot, despite the fact that all of them were messing around his hometown.

Hirochi was killed by the rogue mountaindevil Bazil Kyradius when Chance was very young. Bazil led an attack on Hirochi's town after an altercation in the Dark Forest. It is unclear who started the incident, but Bazil claims it was Hirochi. Chance claims otherwise.

Although Hirochi is an extremely important catalyst in the story of Image Arcane, he is one of my least-favorite characters. I'm glad he got killed by Bazil so I don't have to deal with him very often.


This funky fellow (who looks kind of like a Kremling) was a servant of the demon, Kraken, but he did not have a name. This, I believe, was the panel in which he was ordering Nucleo to hand over Gaelia. After Chance and his friends sent Kraken back to this own dimension, this guy got revenge several episodes later by grabbing ahold of Nucleo and blowing himself up. This triggered Kraken's Medallion, which Nucleo had confiscated from Kraken and was still wearing around his neck, to open a portal to Kraken's home dimension, resulting in Chance and his entire traveling party getting shifted to and trapped there.


This one's so bizarre, it defies any attempt to explain it. Evidence suggests this creature's name is "Malicia", but I don't know what she was intended for.


Song Savis was a minor character in Image Arcane who was both a falconer and a powerful sorceress. Rostrahmus is her loyal tamed falcon. This notebook doodle is the only picture of these two I could find in my archives. (I don't know what happened to all my other sketches of her.) She also has a friend, a strange levitating girl, named Taura Asa. Song and Taura have opposite personalities, but still get along very well. Song tends to be cautious and cynical about the world, whereas Taura likes to dive into situations head-first. It seemed from the script that these two were involved in that Song was a caretaker of sorts for Taura, treating her as a little sister, perhaps because her parents weren't around anymore. Song also seemed to be the one and only potential love interest for Chance, although nothing ever became of it. In addition to her falcon friend, Song also had a crossbow. Her exact age was never determined. I imagine she was about 20-25 years of age.


Thunora is one of the servants of Aira, the Wind Spirit. It is a dragon made out of pure electricity that protected the Sky Tower.


Victoria was supposed to be another dream demon like Seth and Spyre, but I felt she was superfluous and thus she never got past the conceptual art stage.

B&W version

Another thing about Victoria is that I think she was supposed to be Droma's "daughter", although I don't know how that could've made any sense.

Victoria POG



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