Roadkill Harry Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Roadkill Harry is a joke character that got started in old RAU series. It was featured in the "Roadkill Café" commercial segments that were in those sketches. Eventually, this character worked its way into the main Image Arcane series, too. It began when Kado ran him over in his car on his way to deliver a pizza. Then, Roadkill Harry would get run over in ANY car chase scene. There was even a scene where he got run over in outer space during a battle between two space cruisers. What can I say? I have a pretty cruel sense of humor.

Character Design Notes: Not much to say. It may have been somewhat-inspired by Toonces the Driving Cat from Saturday Night Live, but I don't really remember.

Roadkill Harry in the RAU Gallery: I somehow doubt that Harry will be making any return appearances as I've grown a bit tired of the joke.

Roadkill Harry sprite

This one's actually from Image Arcane and that's Kado's car going by in the background. Eventually, I'll rescan this one to include the entire panel.

Another Roadkill Harry.

This is from the original RAU panel that Roadkill Harry first appeared in.

Roadkill Harry and Ulysses

More fun with Roadkill Harry



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