Harken Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Harken is one of two strange cat-like creatures that wander the hallways of the CRASHER space fortress, the other being Kin-Liu. Harken looks like a reaper of sorts, as he wears a hood and carries a scythe. These two seem to materialize and disappear at will, and they keep the ship repaired and running. Harken and Kin-Liu sometimes won't distinguish between friend and foe, and will even help out, or simply ignore, enemies of Ghestov. It's as though they have their own agenda. It is unknown if they are just a part of the ship, or have a true sentience of their own. Harken also wears a mysterious clock around his neck.

At the very end of the series, after the defeat of Droma and Zimosa, it was revealed that Harken and Kin-Liu are the Elemental Spirits of Time and Space. They were the ones responsible for manipulating the entire planet into an advanced evolutionary state by bestowing the Phaineinlings with the scientific knowledge necessary to create the Seven Towers. They considered their experiment a failure and attempted to destroy the planet with the CRASHER space station as a result, but they were defeated by Chance and his friends in a grand epic battle.

NOTE: In the original Image Arcane series, Harken did not have the "Kin-Liu" partner. He was both the spirit of time AND space. In the rewrite, he is only the spirit of time and Kin-Liu, his partner, is the spirit of space.

Character Design Notes: Harken is yet another character who was born from doodling in old sketchpads and notebooks. Originally, it seems he was intended to be a female cat who had control over time (unless he was just a crossdresser, which wouldn't surprise me, either.) Eventually, I ditched the bows and bodysuits and put a reaper hood and scythe on him instead. He became a well-recognized image around the old Game Pond message board where he was used for a "Closed Topic" icon and the avatar of the prank "PSYKOSUMA" account.

Harken in the RAU Gallery: Harken has not yet appeared in the current RAU Gallery series. He was defeated and returned to the dimension that all the elemental gods originally came from. A possible appearance is not ruled out, but not likely either.

A really old drawing of a bizarre cat character that appears to have been the prototype of the Harken character. (Sorry, but I don't exactly remember when or why I drew all of these things and I have literally hundreds of pictures in my archives from all throughout my life.) Unless Harken was just really freaky, it seems I originally intended for him to be female, judging by the bow in his hair.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Harken is in the middle of the left side.

B&W version

Colorized Harken sketch that was used for the PSYKOSUMA name on ezboard.

B&W version.

Harken head

Another color-enhanced Harken print.

Harken sprite

Harken and Kin-Liu. (Click for larger image.)

B&W version.

Unfortunately, my pog of Harken is the old version with the bow instead of the reaper hood.

Sesa is holding Harken in his arms. (Click for larger image.)

Dino-Deuce again, and this time with an older version of Harken behind her. Some of this stuff is too weird even by my standards. I guess that probably explains why so much has changed over the years.

It's Casimer, Harken, and Snakeroot in the RAU Band! Few things express the insanity of my misguided youth more profoundly than having a band in a silent comic strip.

Large Harken print.

Ink sketches of Harken and Kin-Liu.

Cute-looking Harken

The old crossdresser version of Harken

Some recent sketches of Harken.



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