Grimms Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Grimms are small, gremlin-like monsters that live in the Dark Forest of Nispatia, just outside of Chance and Sesa's hometown. They come in various colors including blue, red, black, green, brown, and pink. They used to be rare, but when humans stopped making regular trips into the Dark Forest, their numbers multiplied and they have become a hazard for forest travelers, though they rarely leave the confines of the woods.

Character Design Notes: I didn't really think too hard when I created these guys. They're just basic gremlin/imp/dragon/gargoyle-like things.

Grimms in the RAU Gallery: Grimms have not made an appearance in the current RAU Gallery. Many of them still exist in the world of Phainein, but I do not have any plans to use them at this point.

Jack Sheen happens upon a gang of Grimms that are terrorizing Starla Wildflower in the Dark Forest.

The Grimms chase close after Starla and Jack.


Some storyboards of a talking Grimm.



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