Ghestov Sal-Yun Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: First of all, I apologize for Ghestov's utterly ridiculous design. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't put those stupid horns on his helmet, but oh well. Anyway, Ghestov is an exiled general from Darlos, the same planet that Tomi and Deuce come from (he is obviously not the same race, though.) He was once well-decorated and well-respected, but it is unknown what made him suddenly go mad.

Ghestov is responsible for destroying several cities, space colonies, and space stations before he was captured and exiled to another galaxy. Somehow, he managed to find the remains of the derelict CRASHER Space Fortress, which he commandeered and used to exact revenge on his enemies. Mercenaries Deuce Koma and Tomi Forrester have a particular interest in hunting him down because his psychotic rampages destroyed Deuce's hometown and family.

Ghestov fled with CRASHER to Phainein because the space station was low on power. Harken and Kin-Liu detected the energy sources provided by the Seven Towers and suggested it could be used to revitalize the fortress. Upon his arrival, Ghestov demonstrated the fortress's incredible powers of destruction to gain followers, and set about on his misson to conquer all of Phainein. He hopes he can use its resources and manpower to create an invicible army, capable of returning to his home planet and overtaking it (or destroying it). He is about 54 years old.

Character Spoiler: Ghestov actually was not originally from Darlos. He was the result of the Elemental Gods' previous attempt to create an all-power "master species" on another planet. This is why Ghestov was nearly-invincible and went on a mission to conquer the galaxy.

Character Design Notes: For the longest time, I was very hesitant to post pictures of General Ghestov Sal-Yun because I came to realize with age and maturity that his design is pretty damn ridiculous. Actually, it's not quite as bad as I had originally though, but those horns on his helmet ruin everything else. Ghestov's original name was Gustav Sal-Yun, but I changed it because I didn't feel "Gustav" sounded "alien" or "evil" enough for the character.

Ghestov in the RAU Gallery: Ghestov was eventually killed by Deuce Koma in the end of the original series, so he is not casted in the current series and probably never will be.


Could it be? Yes! I've finally decided to break down and post some pictures of Ghestov Sal-Yun. Now you see why I refused to do so before...he's totally ridiculous (although he looks a little like Ian McKellan in that second picture there). The fact that he's wearing similar shoulder armor to the character Seth does not imply any connection. I just liked the way that looked so much that I decided to use it for both characters. I was dumb back then, what can I say? He also has possession of Roxanne's staff in that second picture.

Ghestov is pissed.

Ghestov tries to figure out how to use the Serpent Staff.



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