Gaelia Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Gaelia is a young girl that Prof. Nucleo McRaven saved from the clutches of the demon Kraken, who wanted to sacrifice her soul to open a portal to his home dimension. After a hectic rescue mission, the team returned Gaelia to her hometown, but they did not receive the "hero's welcome" they expected. No one believed their story and they were accused of being her kidnappers. The authorities tried to arrest them, but the business end of Deuce's bazooka, and Nucleo's Dark Shield spell allowed them to successfully retreat.

Character Design Notes: Gaelia is a direct result of the lack of maturity in my writing and drawing skills at the time. Her design is rather generic and it's unclear what race she's even supposed to be (she appears to be an elf, but what kind? Who knows?) She was also kind of annoying as a character, too. Thank goodness she was gone after one episode.

Gaelia in the RAU Gallery: Gaelia will most likely not make any appearances in the RAU Gallery.

This is Gaelia. The questions in her speech balloon are being directed to Nucleo, but I can't post him because this is a very early episode, so he looked like this only far worse. If you can imagine that with only two toes and far worse, then you probably can understand why I don't want to post it. Anyway, I still have this complete sequence, including the original dialogue (which varied a little from the script):

Gaelia (Screaming): Monster! Get away! (throws a rock)
Nucleo (evades the rock): Hey, now stop that! I'm not a monster.
Gaelia: Who are you? Why do you have such sharp claws and teeth?
Nucleo: Because I'm what is commonly known as a mountain devil. I don't know what you've been told, but I assure you that you're safe in my company. Here, put on my jacket, you're freezing.
Gaelia: Thanks...I guess...
Nucleo: Now, how did a child of your age end up lost out here in the woods all alone at this time of night?
Gaelia: How'd you know I was lost?
Nucleo: Well, it wasn't a particularly taxing conclusion. Look, I'm on a return trip to Grimmora. My student and I were separated from the rest of our traveling group. I'll take you back to our camp where you'll be safe and we'll sort this out in the morning.
Gaelia: How do I know you're not one of them?
Nucleo: ... One of who?

In retrospect, I kind of thought Gaelia was annoying. She lacked the charm, wit, and humor of other "young girl" characters like Cory and Starla. Although Cory and Starla are also very young, they have an air of precocious maturity about them, and Starla had a mysterious and interesting past. Gaelia was missing all of that, but she was written out of the series after only two episodes. She was, however, a catalyst of sorts for later events and some developments of other characters.

Gaelia's confusion is completely understandable here. A really tall teenage elf with an enormous head and dressed like a genie can easily be mistaken for any number of things.



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