Frizz Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: "Insane hamster" is the best way to describe Frizz. This is a character that only appeared in The Rare and Uncensored sketch comedy series. Most of the humor involving Frizz was visual, so it's difficult to describe. Her name was taken from a real-life pet gerbil, but her species and personality were an amalgamation of several different pet hamsters. (Actually, I'm not even sure anymore if the character was male or female.)

Character Design Notes: Although Frizz's name was taken from a real-life pet gerbil, the design was based more on a longhaired hamster whose fur was so fluffy it looked like it had been struck by lightning. Frizz had very little personality in the RAU, but would show up for perfunctory scenes like sticking her (enormous) tongue out.

Frizz in the RAU Gallery: Frizz is not in the current version of the series and there are no plans for his/her inclusion at this time.

Frizz the hamster's original RAU gallery box.

The famouse "tongue" picture.

I don't know and I don't think you want to know.


Frizz welcomes you to



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