Mr. Frimpet Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Mr. Frimpet is a funny little dog like character that was actually created by SethraShnoo, although all the pictures used here are ones I drew. Frimpet was only used in The Minvera Project and was a pet that belonged to CRASHER.

Character Design Notes: I didn't actually design Frimpet, SethraShnoo did. I doodled him in notebooks sometimes since he was quick and easy to draw.

Frimpet in the RAU Gallery: Mr. Frimpet has not appeared in the current RAU Gallery series and a future appearance is highly unlikely.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Mr. Frimpet is near the top left side.

B&W version

Same picture of Mr. Frimpet from the CRASHER group photo, only larger and unobscured.

I thought this character was cute, so I drew quite a few of my own sketches of it.

Earlier Mr. Frimpet sketch.

Mr. Frimpet profile view

Three sketches of Mr. Frimpet

Mr. Frimpet notebook doodle

Another Frimpet notebook doodles with a bonus snail monster



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