Droma Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Droma is the Elemental Lord of the Dream World. He was once the most dangerous and most powerful of the elemental gods. Like most of his dream demon minions, he can assume almost any form he wants to. His default shape is that of a giant ball of fluctuating energy with a detached, fox-like face. Droma had control over the main tower on the lost continent of Phainein. Because he was the strongest of the great spirits, he was able to easily conquer this tower for himself. It was believed for many years that the Lost Continent had been completely destroyed when the main tower malfunctioned, but in actuality, Droma had only made it appear that way. His control over the tower means that the lines between the real world and dream world have blurred in the area surrounding it, which makes it unreachable to all those he does not wish to enter the area. The dream demons Spyre and Victoria are his direct servants, and it is believed that he killed Seth and trapped his spirit in the dream world. Droma does not evolve humans or other creatures the same way the other elemental spirits do. Instead, he pulls sentience directly from the dream world and converts them into his servants.

Character Design Notes: Droma is the Great Dream Spirit (aka the Nightmare King), and so it's appropriate that the idea for his design is something that came from a dream. I dreamt about a strange creature with a weasel or fox-like face whose body was made of a bunch of fluctuating lights. The creature in the dream would disappear by hiding amongst the stars in the sky. Although I only dreamt about it once, it was so weird I preserved the memory by making that creature into the character Droma.

Droma in the RAU Gallery: Droma has been mentioned a few times by Dr. Honen Calzoun, but has not made an appearance since he was defeated at the end of the original series. Future appearances are unlikely.

Elemental Chart. Droma is the Dream Spirit. He has possession of the Main Tower of Phainein on the Lost Continent. Because the main tower has the most energy flowing through it, Droma has become the most powerful and dangerous of all the elementals. Reality has been completely warped in the area surrounding the tower. Droma does not evolve existing creatures into other forms. Instead, he pulls sentience directly from the Dream World and uses it to create Dream Demons, aka Shapeshifters. Droma and his minions can assume almost any form they want to. (Examples of Dream Demons: Seth, Spyre, Victoria)

Droma notebook doodle.

This weasel-like creature is the prototype of the Droma character. Droma's middle body is supposed to be a giant fluctuating ball of swirling colors, lights, and energy. His head, arms, legs, and tail were supposed to be completely detached from it, "Rayman"-style. Since Droma is the Nightmare Spirit, it is no wonder that his design was based on something I once saw in a dream a very long time ago.

Droma POG. I changed the spelling of Droma's name because it was too unclear how to pronounce it.



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