Drago King Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Another of the Elemental Lords, Drago is the manifestation of the Sun Spirit long-worshipped by the people of Nispatia. Unlike some of the other Great Spirits, Drago isn't so bad once you get to know him. Short and squat, his arms are longer than his legs. Despite his lunky appearance, he is quite powerful, and he might be the one who created Chance's Drago Sword. This is evidenced by the fact that the sword, which was named after Drago, also has a sun depicted on it. Unlike the other spirits, Drago doesn't seem to bother with evolving new species, although it's rumored he might have created some of the dragons.

Character Design Notes: There are two distinct designs for Lord Drago. One is the short, squat blue dragon with the black head, white hair, and arms that are longer than his legs. The other is a much more slender and stylized "samurai"-like green dragon with a sword. Although some of the other Great Spirits also have alternate forms, I'm not sure what purpose his samurai form was supposed to serve, unless maybe it was planned for him to fight alongside his mortal followers at some point.

Drago in the RAU Gallery: Drago King has not made any appearances in the current version of the series and a future appearance is unlikely.

Drago King is in the middle back row of this group sprite picture.

Drago King POG

Drago King head and sprite

The blue version of Drago uses a strange mallet for a weapon, but the green version uses this sword.

This is the alternate version of Drago King. I'm not sure why it was created.

This one was my favorite of the alternate Drago designs that I found. This is the one that convinced me he was an alternate Drago King because of the sun being behind him. (Drago King is the sun spirit.) I must have spent a lot of time sketching up character designs and ideas, and then just shoved them aside and forgot about them if I couldn't find a use for them.


Some sprites the alternate version of Drago King. These seem to provide further evidence for that theory since his arms are clearly longer than his legs.



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