Cynoss Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Cynoss is the Elemental Lord of Chaos and Destruction. He was the archenemy of Skiva, the Elemental Lord of Balance. He literally feeds off of negative feelings and emotions, like pain, suffering, and hatred. Because of all the wars being waged by the competing species of Phainein (as a natural result of the other Great Elemental Spirits vying for world dominance), Cynoss gained enough power to defeat Skiva. This caused the world to plummet into ruin and despair. Cynoss was eventually defeated in the most ridiculous way, so if I bring him back for the new series, I definitely want to change that. In The Minerva Project, Cynoss was not a being of hatred, but a virus of sorts that infected and/or absorbed every living thing it touched. This was based on the original version's ability to corrupt living things he touched.

Character Design Notes: As the Great Spirit of Hatred, Destruction, and Chaos, Cynoss is a large shadowy creature with a dragon-like head whose insides are always exuding fire (you can see it in his eyes, nostrils, and mouth). Sometimes Cynoss has a brown cloak, but most times he doesn't.

Cynoss in the RAU Gallery: Cynoss was destroyed in the old series, so an appearance in the new one is unlikely.

This is a drawing I did of Cynoss when I was about 12 years old. It was too big to fit the entire thing on my scanner, but trust me, you're not missing anything with that hand that's cut off. In the original Image Arcane comics, Cynoss was the Great Spirit of Hatred and Destruction. He only appeared in the first few episodes and was eventually defeated by Jack, Nucleo, and Chance. Unfortunately, the way he was defeated was so utterly ridiculous, I don't even want to talk about it. In The Minerva Project, Cynoss was not a being of hatred, but a virus of sorts that infected and absorbed everything it touched.

Cynoss firing a beam and laughing maniacally about it. Sometimes, my scripting was so ridiculous.

This is storyboard art from one of my first episodes of Image Arcane (after the prelims). As I recall, Cynoss gained control over one of Honen Calzoun's giant mechanical robots.



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