Crelo Kobold Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Captain Crelo Kobold was a Kobold chieftain who originally worked under King Bartholomew, but eventually defected to the Quixotic Tigers to live the life of a pirate. However, I don't think he quite fits that group's chemistry, though, so he was removed from that role after the preliminary episodes were retconned and I started the main series. I can't really remember much about his personality, either.

Character Design Notes: Crelo looks like a bulldog in blue and red armor, carrying a harpoon-like weapon on his arm. I don't remember where I had originally heard about kobolds, but he and Bartholomew are what I imagined they'd look like.

Crelo in the RAU Gallery: Since he was retconned out of the old series, an appearance in the new series is highly unlikely.

Kneeling Crelo Kobold

This POG depicts a different version of Captain Crelo Kobold. I had contemplated changing the appearance of his ears at one point. Seems I eventually went back to the smaller ears.

Sideview sprite


Some Captain Crelo Kobold heads.


More Kobold stuff.

Another Kobold

Picture of Crelo Kobold that was done for my cartoon drawing class.


For some reason, I have a lot of pictures of this guy.


A couple of Crelo Kobold sprites and a close-up of his harpoon.

Large group sprite picture. Crelo Kobold is in the second row from the top near the middle.



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