Cody Decker Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Cody Decker is a member of Desiree's pirate gang, the Quixotic Tigers. He often gets made fun of for dressing so gaudily, even though he thinks he looks great because he is somewhat vain. He refuses to wear the Tigers' trademark orange scarf because it doesn't match the rest of his duds. Cody joined the pirates simply because he wants to get rich. He argues with Honen Calzoun and Kado a lot. He even backtalks Desiree and sometimes laughs at her. Cody is very vain and fancies himself a ladies' man, though he doesn't seem to like Desiree too much and just tags along for the hell of it.

Cody's weapon is a pirate sword that has no handles on the hilt. Onboard Desiree's robot, he is mostly responsible for shooting the flamethrower. He is about 18 years old.

Character Design Notes: Cody is always very gaudily-dressed in bright red and white clothing. He was created as a replacement for Rex Cardinal. Rex was a tiger pirate who only existed in the untitled prelimiary episodes and was a spoof of Zorro and the Lone Ranger. I got rid of this character when I started the main series, although many aspects of Cody's personality are similar. I just didn't like the way Rex looked because he was too obviously a parody of an existing character.

Cody in the RAU Gallery: Cody has not appeared in the new series and there are no plans for his inclusion at this time.


The always gaudily-dressed Cody Decker. I forgot to draw ears on the sprite image. You know, I once met a cartoonist who hated the way ears look on cartoon characters so he never gave his any. O_o

Cody Decker POG

Sprite from a group picture.

Cody Decker pulling his sword out of the ground while yelling at somebody. I think.

Another Cody Decker sprite

Cody Decker B&W inked head



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