Blooper Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Long story here. My mother had a pet pigeon named "Christopher", which is what spawned the idea for this character. When it came time to introduce the character in an Image Arcane story, I came to my senses and realized this design was far too silly for the scripted role. I began thinking I needed a more "humanoid" character and the feathers around the real pigeon's legs reminded me of those baggy pants that characters in "Arabian Nights"-themed cartoons wear. Since I had nothing hardcopy to look at, I pulled what those costume designs looked like from memory and ended up with Christopher Paladin. (The real pigeon is blue, which accounts for his blue color scheme and the blue feathers he wears.) Christopher Pigeon, who later became known as "Blooper" was scrapped and thus a potential disaster was avoided. I did give him a box in the original RAU gallery, but still didn't do anything with him, as the role that was intended for him there went to Deuce and Tomi. It's probably for the best.

Character Design Notes: How did I end up with a cartoon pigeon that wears baggy pants and a backwards baseball cap? I was a dumb little kid when I created him, how else?

Blooper in the RAU Gallery: The day Blooper appears in the current RAU Gallery is the day I've gone senile and need to retire. In other words, he never has and never will.

I don't know what's going on in this picture. I don't want to know what's going on this picture.

Blooper's RAU gallery picture. Although this character had been developed for Image Arcane, he was dropped and replaced with Christopher Paladin before he was due to be featured. He got a place in the RAU where he was named "Blooper", both as a homage to the potential mistake I almost made in putting him in Image Arcane, and also because he was supposed to host "Bloopers and Outtake" segments. However, that job somehow ended up going to Deuce and Tomi and thus the pigeon sat on the shelves once again.

I am glad I axed him in favor of Christopher Paladin.

Yeah, this is just...kind of dumb.



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