Beorthe Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Pronounced "BAY-erth", he is the Elemental Lord of the earth and stone. Beorthe looks like a giant rock golem with one eye, huge fists, and a bunch of crystal shards sticking out of the back of him. He is responsible for creating the earth demons (aka "true" demons), such as Stefan Ferguson, Daris Wolf, Serpentina, and Robin Calypson. He had control over the Spochellan Tower. He allowed the people of the Spochellan continent to use energy from the tower in exchange for occasional sacrifices. This is why their cities were able to have some modern-day technology.

Character Design Notes: I basically drew Beorthe as a giant rock golem with quartz shards sticking out of his back. I'm not actually sure if Beorthe is able to move around or not, but he has direct control over the nearby ground.

Beorthe in the RAU Gallery: Beorthe has not appeared in any sketches in the current series and a future appearance is unlikely.

Rodney and Beorthe, the Great Earth Spirit. Very strange that they look like they're fighting alongside each other since Rodney is actually a Lunar demon, not an earth demon, but it's the R.A.U. version of Rodney, which either explains it or makes it even weirder, I'm not sure which. That were-pig character to the left is defunct (thank goodness) and was never actually used for anything. Wish I could remove it from this picture, but Rod and Beorthe look too nice to leave it out of the scrapbook.

Beorthe POG

I've been told this one looks kind of like a meatball.

Cute Beorthe notebook doodle.

Elemental chart. Beorthe is the Earth Spirit. (His name is pronounced "BAY-urth".) He has possession of the Spochellan Tower. Spochella is one of the few places on Phainein that still has "modern" human civilization, and the city of Talabar near the tower is the largest in the world. This is because Beorthe has struck a deal with the humans to lend them power in exchange for occasional sacrifices. Beorthe created the Earth Demons . Also called True Demons, they are humans with the ability to morph into powerful monstrous forms. They have strong magic powers, and some of the more highly-evolved ones don't even have human forms. (Examples of Earth Demons: Daris Wolf, Nexis Fried, Robin Calypson, Serpentina, Stefan Ferguson.)

Notebook doodle of Beorthe



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