Aira Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Aira is the Elemental Lord of the Air and Sky. He appears in the form of a huge, golden bird-like dragon with four eyes. He rules the Tower of the Sky. His direct servant is Thunora. Aira may be one of the least "evil" of the Great Spirits, but he simply will not relinquish his control over the Sky Tower because he knows that another Elemental Lord will just overtake it if he does. Like most Great Spirits, he has specially evolved some creatures into an altogether new species, the Avians. He does not evolve humans, instead he uses birds. This is why many Avians are born with wind magic.

In the old Image Arcane series, Aira evolved humans into birdmen. But since I did away with the birdmen race and the most prominent member (Dion Falkor), I've changed the canon so that he now evolves birds into avians (like Crow, Shadow, and Ogrin Dovekie). Aira is one of the few great spirits who was not evil, and he voluntarily returned to his home dimension when Chance's followers proved they were strong enough to beat him in battle.

Character Design Notes: Aira generally appears in the form of a giant golden bird-like dragon with four eyes, large saber teeth, and long hair on his head that is made out of the wind, itself.

Aira in the RAU Gallery: Aira has not appeared in the new series and a future appearance is unlikely.

Aira POG

Old sketch of the Great Wind Spirit, Aira. Sorry that some of these were drawn too close to the edge of the notebook paper, but the amount of paper I had to draw on was very limited back then, so I had to use as much of the pages as possible.

Another drawing of the Great Air Spirit, Aira.

Appears to be missing a set of eyeballs, but otherwise, it's a cute Aira notebook doodle.

Elemental Chart. Aira is the Wind Spirit. He has possession of the Sky Tower, which floats high in the air above Phainein. He created the Avians. Avians are bird-like people. It should be noted that in the old series, Aira's minions were the birdmen. Avians, in the old series, were another of Zara's minions. The reason I changed this is because the only birdman who had a prominent role was Dion Falkor, and I grew to dislike that character, and thus dropped him from the series. (Examples of Avians: Crow, Ogrin Dovekie, Shadow)




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