Ogrin Dovekie Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Ogrin is a large avian that resembles a blue eagle with ram horns. He is a traveling merchant with a boisterous sense of humor. He is incredibly large and strong, and enjoys a good battle, though he is rather kind-hearted and jolly underneath his gruff exterior. Because his business in the sale and trade of weapons and useful items is his main concern, he does not particularly care who he sells them to, and is thus a rather unprejudiced character. However, sometimes he's a bit too proud of his avian heritage and tends to underestimate his own strength.

Character Design Notes: Ogrin is a character design idea I've had for years, but was never able to get him to look quite like what I wanted him to until very recently. It helped that I used actual photographs of an eagle (for his head) and a ram (for his horns) this time for reference. I had more drawings of him years ago, but I appear to have lost them.

Ogrin in the RAU Gallery: Ogrin only appears sporadically because even with most of the wars being over, he continues his life as a traveling merchant. He sometimes teams up with Sesa and Taura when they're out on the road.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: One Giant Leap For Mankind

Notebook doodle of Ogrin that showed basically what I was after (a blue eagle with ram horns), but didn't quite capture the image in my head of him.

This recent sketch is pretty much what I had in mind.



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