Jaeger Dunlin III Scrapbook

Character Design Notes: Jaeger Dunlin III's design is an old unused character concept of a Griffin. Since it was unused, there is no real backstory, and I only have a few conceptual drawings and sprites of him. For some reason, I even made a POG of him, though I don't know why. Although the cast of The RAU Gallery is quite large and would seemingly not need anymore characters, it was necessary to introduce a character who was completely unaware of being in a cartoon and unfamiliar with Nucleo McRaven and Image Arcane for the "Clash of the Clichés" sketch. I was too lazy to come up with a whole new character design, so I lifted him from my old archives, but it didn't matter since he worked out rather well for that purpose.

Jaeger in the RAU Gallery: Jaeger has taken up residence in an area of the Grimmoran Woods that Nucleo and Image used to frequently walk through and camp in during their youth. Because Demon-Elves are known for enslaving Mountaindevils, Jaeger mistook their relationship for "slave and master" as opposed to "husband and wife", and tried to "free" Nucleo from Image. Though Image was thoroughly annoyed with the vigilante Griffin, Nucleo does not seem to hold any ill will over the incident.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Clash of the Clichés

Jaeger head and sprite. He has his fists raised in every drawing I have of him.

The POG I used to make his avatar.

This sprite is the only other drawing I have of him.



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