Gordon Feathers Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Gordon Feathers was a talking parakeet who was the drummer in the RAU Band and sometimes directed the show (as if that makes any sense, but hey, it was a pretty nonsensical sketch comedy series). Gordon had the consistent ability to keep cool under pressure, whereas some of the other stagehands (such as Mini the Hummingbird) would sometimes get really frustrated with the chaotic cast and crew.

Character Design Notes: Gordon's design was based directly on a parakeet I used to own. It was white with a blue patch of feathers on its upper chest. He was also named after the same parakeet.

Gordon Feathers in The RAU Gallery: In was revealed in the Technicolor Baguette sketch that Gordon directs the show when FO is not around.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Technicolor Baguette

Gordon Feathers is a talking parakeet who was the drummer in the band and also sometimes directed the show.

A picture of Gordon Feathers as the drummer in the RAU Band. One thing that's kind of nice about this one is that it actually contains an image of the comic's title. This might very well be the only piece of artwork remaining in my archives that has "RAU" visible on it.

Gordon Feathers looking worried again.

Older sketch of the RAU drummer. Why does Gordon always look like this?



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