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Fanart Submissions

Dr. Honen Calzoun by Mark "Ragey" Johnston

Thanks go to Ragey of Random Hoo-Haas for this adorable interpretation of the Oni Scientist. I really like how it captures a disheveled look that I've always envisioned for Honen.

RAU Lemmings by Codie Martin

Chance Tomasaro

Preston Abirok & Christopher Paladin

Honen Calzoun

Nucleo McRaven

Talon Kyradius

Special thanks to Codie Martin for these irresistably adorable Lemming versions of RAU Characters. (It's amazing how well the facial expressions and gestures capture the characters' individual personalities.) There really should be Lemming versions of everything.

Droma by Codie Martin

Karma by Codie Martin

Thanks go to Codie Martin of CodieKitty.com for these incredible interpretations of the Dream God and the Fire God. She also has a drawing of Nucleo McRaven on the "Links" button of her site.

Preston Abirok by James Torrance

Zumo by James Torrance

You can check out more of James's stuff at the MS Paint Gallery of Deathamster's Nest. He has full-color versions of these two submissions, as well as drawings of Kiini, Honen Calzoun, Lukyan Degorah, Nucleo McRaven and Harken.

Kiini Wallpaper by Amitrius17
1024 X 768 VERSION | 800 X 600 VERSION

Amitrius17 of FantasyAnime.com made this adorable Kiini wallpaper for me a long time ago. Thought I may as well put it up for anyone who's interested.

Please send your RAU Gallery fanart submissions to fo@flyingomelette.com or post them on the RAU Gallery Forum.


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